June 2010

Hello again, as usual I’m miles behind with doing my write up but you’re probably used to it by now

East Fortune

Way back in May we went to East Fortune for the NEMCRC championship Round One and unlike previous years I’ve decided to concentrate solely on the MiniTwins/ Ultra Lightweight championship this year purely to save money as I’m going to need it when we go to the Southern 100 and Manx GP later in the year.

The weather was good and we got off to a flying start qualifying on pole position, Race one started well and I slotted into 3rd on lap one behind my fast starting mate Peter Minns and Pixie, I moved into 2nd at Railway corner on lap one then got a better run onto the back straight passing Peter for the lead only to be demoted to 2nd again when Pixie picked up a double draft and passed us both, I made a move for the lead again at Railway and never looked back pulling away to win by 3.5 seconds.

Pushing hard exiting the snake, I could read the tyre sizes I was that close. (CDH Photography)

Race 2 was a much easier affair with a start to finish win so day one had gone well. I got up on Sunday morning to the sound of rain and it was an early start as we had three races, I put the wets in with the help of little Carter and quickly got ready, I made a good start and slotted into fifth taking my time to get used to the conditions, I grew in confidence as the race went on and slowly picked my way through to finish 3rd overall but 2nd in class and I was happy with that.

My new mechanic Carter learning to change wheels at an early age.

By race 2 it was dry again and I made another good start moving into the lead on lap two and holding on to take the win by a mere 1.6 seconds. The final race of the weekend was a good one as I made an average start and had to fight my way through, by lap two I was up to 3rd and chasing down Pixie, I slipped up the inside of him at Railway then got on with catching Rab Davie who had a lead of about 1.5 seconds. I slowly chipped away and was right behind by lap six, I followed him for a lap then made my move into the hairpin and got my head down opening up a gap of two seconds at the flag. I enjoyed the race and another good weekend was had by all especially Spencer who rode around all weekend on his bike with his new friend Joseph, I think he did more miles than me on that bike.

Spencer & Joseph on Kenny Minns Sidecar.


Three weeks later I was up at Knockhill for round 2 and after a late arrival the weekend got off to a bad start when the generator wouldn’t work, after frantically  trying to sort it on Saturday morning Toot kindly loaned me his for the weekend which pulled me right out of the clag.

Practice went ok but I cocked up big style in  qualifying, I thought I had enough fuel in but quickly found out I hadn’t and just as I got some clear track the bike started to cough and splutter so I had to pull in, yes you heard it here first, contrary to popular belief I do make mistakes, not many, but every now & then I drop a ‘bollock’ big style. Anyway this cost me big time as I had to start from the 6th row all weekend, Race 1 was a bit hectic as I made a decent start but the first couple of corners at Knockhill are a bit dodgy in a pack but I made it through safely, I slowly picked my way through to eventually take the win in the Minitwins which was a bit of a surprise considering where I started. Race 2 was every bit as hard if not harder as it took me longer to break through and get into a rhythm but I got there and just missed out, finishing 2nd by 0.3 seconds.

David Bell Knockhill 2010Going into Scotsman (Dan Jess)

Sunday was a different day all together, the weather was a lot cooler and rain was forecast but it was dry for Race 1.  I made a good start and was inside the top ten on lap one making my way through a lot better, I caught young Ross from Kawasaki Newcastle on the penultimate lap and was lining him up for a pass at the bottom of Duffus dip but the yellow flags were out so I sat behind and made my move a lap later holding on to take the Minitwin win. Race 2  was a harder race as it seemed to take ages to get going, I made a move down the inside of a group of three riders into the hairpin but backed out as I didn’t think I would make it but not quite enough as I clipped the back wheel of  Max Knights but saved it and carried on eventually finishing 2nd again by a mere 0.3 seconds.

Recovering from clipping Max Knights ( Dan Jess)

The rain came around lunchtime and made the track pretty slippy, my last race was the Michael Moore trophy and after making a good start in 3rd and quickly moved into 2nd, I was pushing as hard as I felt comfortable, but was making no inroads into Toot’s lead, after 6 laps I settled for a safe second and that was it, another weekend over and I left with a healthy lead in the championship.

The Saturday after myself and my brother in law Kyle did the Coast to Coast cycle ride, the plan was to do it in a day and we set off from Whitehaven at 1:20 am and finished at Sunderland at 5:20 pm absolutely knackered but we were over the moon to do it in 16 hours, I thought it was going to take longer but we did it and we’ve raised a decent amount of money for the Great North Air Ambulance along the way.

What’s Next

Next month is mega busy for me starting on the 4th of July for the Barry Sheene Classic at Scarborough then I’m back at Oliver’s Mount the following weekend for the Cock o the North, I then go overnight to the Isle of Man for the Southern 100 from Monday- Friday then a week later I’m at Croft for the NEMCRC Round 3 so it’s going to be hectic but I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve also been fitting a fairing in readiness for the Southern 100 and Manx GP so hopefully we’ll have it ready to try next weekend at Scarborough, It looks pretty cool and I have to say a massive thank you to my mate Steven Graham of SG Fabrication for making all the mounting brackets he did a cracking job.

The ER6 with a ZX10 fairing fitted

I’ll try to keep you updated as much as possible with what happens.

Cheers Dave.