July 09

Hello again, I know it’s been ages since I last put something on here

but you know what I’m like “about as much use as a fart in a space suit” when it comes to writing stuff down.

Anyway we went up to East Fortune for the second  round of the North East Championships back in May and after rain on Friday the weekend was pretty good apart from the odd heavy shower.  Practice and Qualifying went well and the first Minitwin race was a cracker, I made a good start and slotted into 3rd then had a race long battle with Andy Lawson, passing each other every lap until finally I managed to stay in front with a couple of laps to go to take the win. I had another good race in the Thunderbikes with ‘Pixie’ (Ian Pattinson) on his ZX7 starting where we left off at Croft, I chased him all the way but had to settle for 2nd. The next Minitwin race was a little less eventful,  after the first couple of laps I pulled away to win comfortably.

The second Thunderbike race was wet after a heavy downpour, not my favourite conditions but I made a good start in 2nd. I was quickly relegated to 3rd but was in a good scrap with Pixie and Scott Campbell. Pixie came by so I just sat behind him for a couple of laps as I gained more  confidence, on lap six I moved back into 3rd  then quickly into 2nd  and put in a couple of good laps to pull away  slightly,  the leader was too far ahead so that was how it stayed and I was happy enough.

The weather was good on Sunday morning and the Minitwins were up first, I made another good start and led the race the whole way to win by 5 seconds,  next was the Thunderbikes and in a virtual repeat of the previous day’s race I finished 2nd to Pixie “AGAIN”.  The Michael Moore Trophy race was next and after winning it for the last two years I had a little bit more pressure on me to retain it as I’d left the trophy on top of our fridge at home, fortunately for me everything went to plan and I won the race comfortably, ‘to spare my blushes’ and was presented with a bottle of milk instead of a  trophy by Sue Symons.

It was straight back to the racing though and the last Minitwin race was another start to finish win although I was  chased hard by a good young rider Daniel Chappell. The last Thunderbike was a cracker, I made a good start and was lying 2nd having a good battle with Scott Campbell for the first two laps allowing Pixie to pull away a little, I managed to get away and got my head down  putting in a couple of real good  laps to catch Pixie. On lap five I had a look up the inside at the hairpin but wasn’t close enough so backed off, the next lap I was closer and dived up the inside at the hairpin to take the lead, on the next short straight I looked over my shoulder and just waited for him coming past which he did then the red flags came out as we crossed the line and it was called a result. I couldn’t have ridden any harder and was 2nd by 0.02 seconds but had the consolation of setting the fastest lap of the race. A good weekend in all and only a few days to get the bike ready for Scarborough the following weekend for the Barry Sheene Classic.

Leading Mike Minns and the pack into Mere, Barry Sheene meeting (cdhphotography.co.uk)

This race wasn’t on my schedule as it’s normally a classic only meeting but they put in some classes for modern bikes so here we were. My first race was in the 250/400 & Minitwins so there was a right old mixture, I made a cracking start and led for the first four laps then was passed by Lee Vernon on a 250, I held onto him for as long as possible but in the end I realised I couldn’t catch him so I settled for 2nd.

The Open class was next and I got off to a good start but had a bit of a lonely race finishing 8th.  The second 250/400 race was a virtual repeat of the first and I finished 2nd again followed by another 8th in the second Open race.

After a night on the slot machines and a race on the dodgems with Spencer, Sunday morning practice came and I went out for a little run, after a couple of laps I caught Adam Nix who was at Olivers Mount for the first time. I followed him up the back straight and went to go up the inside into Memorial but he moved over as I got alongside and it all got pretty close. At one point I thought we were both going down, my right knee was on his fairing and my left handle bar was in the hedge but somehow I managed to squeeze through and was just pleased to see he was still there when I turned round to wave and say sorry, as he wouldn’t have known I was there until I came past. There is a clip from his onboard camera on www.oliversmount.com  on the “whats new” page under  Barry Sheene Classic 2009, Its well worth a look and so is the site itself as Chris Machin does a cracking job with it and the race clips are really good. Anyway back to the racing, I had another two 2nd’s in the 250/400’s the last race being the best, the two Open races were identical and I finished 8th in both but had great fun pulling wheelies up Quarry hill and over Jefferies jumps to keep the spectators entertained.

Overall the weekend was really good and not as hectic as normal just good crack.


Since then we’ve been to the TT for the day to see the Junior race and had a good time over there catching up with a few people, we also got Carter christened and he was as good as gold all day especially as he was passed from pillar to post all day, everybody wanted a cuddle.


We’re back at Scarborough this weekend (11/12 July) for the Cock ‘o’ the North and hopefully we’ll have another good meeting and with bit of luck I’ll get something put on the website quicker than this.

Cheers, Dave.