April 2009

Hello again, and welcome to a belated 2009 Motorcycle Racing season

Things were very busy at the start of the year, baby Carter arrived on 28th January 8lbs and Spencer became more of a handful by the day, especially now he’s shed his stabilisers.

We bought him a Kiddimoto and after a couple of weeks of no pedals he was away on his bike, his balance is fantastic for just turned three and he’s loving it.

Little Carter is also doing well, piling on the weight as he loves his milk and sleep, can’t think who he’s like.

New Bike for David Bell Racing

We got the new bike at the end of February and I ran it in on the road, it’s a fantastic machine
it does everything so well, then it was time to start making a race bike . One or two things had changed slightly, which was a pain in the bum but I got it prepared by the Thursday before Croft (no point in hurrying).

In first practice it felt spot-on and was surprised how quickly I got on the pace, not having ridden since October, managing to put it on pole in both Mini-Twin and Thunderbike classes.

Getting down to it at Croft (Courtesy CDH Photography)

The Mini-Twin race was a start to finish whitewash, a bit boring but a good season opener, I led away in the Thunderbikes but ‘Pixie’ (Ian Pattinson) got to the first corner quicker on his ZX7, I rode around him at Hawthorn but he blew me away on the back straight and try as I might had to settle for second.

After a poor start in the second Mini-Twin I picked my way through from fifth to lead on lap two, easing away for a comfortable second win.

Thunderbikes was a little harder, getting swallowed up by three bigger bikes and tussling with them for a couple of laps before getting in front and staying there, ‘Pixie’ had gone so finished another safe second.

Sunday weather was better and I got another Mini-Twin win and another Thunderbikes second after a good scrap with ‘Pixie’ on the first two laps.

Scrapping with Ian Pattinson (MGP Winner) at Croft (Photo Courtesy DSC)

The final Mini-Twinrace was the most enjoyable with ‘Pixie’ and I passing and re-passing each other, flicking the ‘V’s and generally messing about for the first 5 laps, we were having such a laugh that I almost forgot I had a race to win and got my head down for a comfortable fourth victory.

The last Thunderbikes was a little closer as I kept ‘Pixie’ in sight all the race and  despite setting my fastest lap of the weekend, still had to settle for second, the Kawasaki Newcastle ER6 was excellent and I was happy overall with how things had gone.

Two weeks later it was Scarborough for the Ian Watson Spring National with a cracking entry including Ryan Farquhar with his ’trick’ ER6 built for the Irish Supertwins Class, I managed to qualify quickest but only by 0.2secs so was looking forward to a competitive race on the Mini-Twin.

David Bell Leading Ryan Farquhar at Drurys Hairpin

Leading Ryan Farquhar at Drurys Hairpin (Courtesy CDH)

First race was the Superbike qualifier and lying 13th having a good scrap with a couple of 1000’s when I was surprised to see Guy Martin pulling his bike out of the hedge at the Esses, promoting me to twelvth.  I lost two places on the back straight but regained one round Memorial and the other at Drury’s only to be passed again down the hill, I got them both together up the inside at Mountside and held on to 12th at the finish.  I thought that was good enough to qualify for the final of the Ian Watson Spring Cupbut was mistaken.

Next was the first Mini-Twin in a staggered race with the 250’s going first, I got a cracking start then Farquhar came up the inside but overshot at Mere and I got back under him to lead up the hill, holding on for a lap and a half before he got me on the back straight, I stayed on his tail and nipped inside at Mountside but he passed me again on the straight. I stayed with him until we came upon 250 backmarkers, we were quicker, but they had the edge on top speed, making it difficult to pass, Ryan got through better than I did allowing him to pull a 4 second gap that I couldn’t make up.

I was disappointed with second as I thought I had a chance of a win, which fired me up a bit for the next race.

Showboating at Jeffries Jumps (Courtesy CDH)

I made another good start leading for a lap and a half before Ryan passed on the back straight so I just sat on his back wheel the entire race, every lap his pitboard read +0 so he knew I was there.  We came up to the 250’s again and caught a group of three on the penultimate lap, we both got past one, then Ryan slipped by another at Memorial and I had to brake very late to get alongside and ride round the outside to pass the 250 at Drury’s.  I got my head down and got onto Ryan’s back wheel again at Drury’s on the last lap, making my move up the inside on the brakes into Mountside and having a bit of a job getting it stopped and turned, but I managed.  It wasn’t the prettiest pass you’ve ever seen, reminiscent of a MotoX block pass, but it worked and I ran down over the jumps to take the win.

I was ecstatic, the total opposite of a couple of hours previous when the backmarkers worked against me.

Leading Ryan again out of Memorial (Photo CDH)

I had one final race the Non-Qualifiers, and as they didn’t even have me in it, had to start grid 22 the back row, I made a decent start and just pushed on, without a pit board had no idea what position I was in, but passed loads of 600’s and 1000’s.  I had great fun coming through the field to finish a surprised second, only beaten from the back row by an R1 which is not too shabby considering I’m riding a Pizza Delivery Bike.  That brought a thoroughly enjoyable day to a close, the ER6 performed brilliantly and never missed a beat.

Next we’re off to Scotland for the second round of the NEMCRC Championship at East Fortune on May 16/17 and hopefully we can carry on where we left off at Olivers Mount.

The weekend after that I’m back at Scarborough for the Barry Sheene Classic meeting so it’s going to be a busy fortnight, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Cheers, Dave.